Davtiln Gentleharp (Elf, Male, Invoker) – Davtiln is the leader of the Winter’s Blaze and the foremost expert on the undead and their power structure within Neverwinter. A middle-age Elven Invoker, Davtiln has been waging a quiet war against the undead for more than four decades and recently came to New Neverwinter. Intense, but not rash, Davtlin has been instrumental in bringing some security to those individiuals that do not find themself favored by Lord Neverember.

Quithyra “Quith” Windsailor (Human, Female, Paladin) – Member of the Winter’s Blaze and the tactician and operative in charge of monitoring and controlling Neverdeath. Accomplished with the long spear, Quith is a formidable woman with little sense of humor or time for frivolity.

Vicben “Vic” Elros (Human, Male, Warlock) – Member of the Winter’s Blaze and operative in charge of the Cadre of the Lash. A skilled wizard and warrior, Vic has travelled extensively with Davtiln and often leads assaults on critical undead clusters. Recently injured from a particularly nasty fight involving Ghasts, Vic has been recouperating in the Moonstone Mask and has accepted the training of the newest members of the Winter’s Blaze.

Liset Cheldar (Half-Elf, Female) – Owner of the Moonstone Mask and attractive native of Neverwinter. She greets everyone smiling and her’s winks have been known to start a few brawls in the common room of the Moonstone Mask. Friendly to General Sabine and Lord Neverember, Liset has agreed to house the Mintarn Mercenaries until New Neverwinter reaches relative safety.

General Sabine (Human, Female, Cavalier) – Leader of the Mintarn Mercenaries and reporting General to Lord Neverember. A hard drinking, bombastic woman, General Sabine claims to have nearly conquered the streets of Waterdeep in the early days of Lord Neverember’s ascension and she has led her mercenaries to bring a tight contol to the Protector’s Enclave. Indifferent to the Lash of Winter.

Lord Neverember (Human, Male, Fighter) – Protectorate of New Neverwinter and Head of Waterdeep. Claiming noble connections to the former lords and ladies of Neverwinter, Lord Neverember has returned to bring stability and reestablish the City. Has been friendly to the Lash of Winter and grateful for work at the Wall.

Mordai Vell (Tiefling, Male, Trader) – Defacto leader of the various Trade Delegations in New Neverwinter and lives on palatial estate in Blacklake District. Cordial and jovial, Mordai Vell is well connected and is considered a friend of Lord Neverember and other high ranking officials. Has been friendly and supportive to the Lash of Winter.

Eralt Gavin (Human, Male, Bartender) – Bartender at the Beach Leviathan Taven and knowledgeable sort of fellow.


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