Organizations and Groups

Winter s blaze logoWinter’s Blaze – A private investigative group operating within New Neverwinter. Dedicated to dealings with the undead and supernatural forces, the small group of individuals led by Davtiln Gentleharp provide services to the various factions and organizations that call Neverwinter home. Currently consisting of twelve individuals, including the party, Winter’s Blaze has several active investigations and is housed in the Moonstone Mask.

Mintarn Mercernaries – Mercernaries brought to New Neverwinter by Lord Neverember to assist in keeping the peace. Broadly despised by the citizens of New Neverwinter, whatever their affilitations, they are arrogant and make no attempt to interact with the populace. Headquartered in the Moonstone Mask.

Sons of Algondar – Resistance Movement to the occupation of New Neverwinter by Lord Neverember and the Mintarn Mercernaries. Centered in the Blacklake District, the Sons of Algondar initially started with peaceful demonstrations. However, in the past year, things have intensified with more violent clashes between the Sons and the forces of Lord Neverember.

Nashers – Violent Faction of the Sons of Algondar, seeking to kill any nobility and leaders in New Neverwinter. Contains a mixture of barbarians and dwarves and are generally opposed to magical intervention in the world.

Organizations and Groups

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