The Lash of Winter

The Bigger They Are - Case #009A Part IV

After a combat in the street with the Nashers, the Lash of Winter was bloodied and torn, with several of the cast having suffered severe injuries. Utilizing the remaining healing, the Lash decided to separate into two groups, with Ignis, Alek and Kildrak continuing onwards in the hunt for the Halfling Palus. John and Belyn would head back to the Moonstone Mask and report on the scrying and encounters.

After stumbling back the street towards the Protectorate’s Compound, John and Belyn were caught up in a riot of Nashers who thankfully did not recognize the pair. Using the riot as cover, John and Belyn worked their way through the crowd, but were seperated and pushed apart. After searching for nearly an hour, John decided to rejoin the Lash investigating the Halfling Gang, hoping the Belyn could work things out for himself.

Meanwhile at the old city docks, Ingis, Alek and Kildrak were sizing up the situation of the Halfling Gang. Spying them in the midst of discussions and negotiations, moderated by an invisible entity, the Lash decided to attempt to infiltrate the proceedings.

Gentling lowering himself onto one of the wooden pilings, Ingis unfortunately slipped and plumetted 30’ down into the waters of the river. While unharmed, Ignis had inadvertently tipped the entire crew to their presensce and a swirling melee with all parties ensued with Nashers, Halflings and the Lash battling on the rooftops and rope bridges of flooded buildings.

After a strenuous combat, the Lash prevailed, and thanks to some late arriving bow work from John, managed to drive off the rivals and procure the second Shard of Selune.




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