The Lash of Winter

Into the City - Case 009A Part I

The Lash of Winter embarked upon their investigation of Case #009-A be visiting with Vic to understand their role, responsibilities, and powers. The three goals of the investigation were:

-Discover why Horben Tallcripper was Killed
-Discover who had Horben Tallcripper Killed
-Discover current location of Assailants

Equipped with their official identification and coats, the Lash set out to the Blacklake District to investigate the crime scene and the shop of Horben Tallcripper.

Upon approaching the shop of Tallcripper, Belyn discovered an older woman surveying the Lash and its movements. As the remainder of the Lash investigated the shop, Belyn approached the woman. After a short discourse, the woman identified herself as Lady Jasmine of the Temple of Selune. Sensing a noble purpose, Belyn agreed to visit the Temple of Selune upon completion of their investigation at the shop.

Within the shop, the remainder of the Lash uncovered a number of interesting clues. The first was three telescopes arranged on the roof of the shop that pointed at several locales around New Neverwinter. The first was arrayed on the “Wall” and the Lash witnessed combat between the defenders on the wall and a wave of spellplagued assaulting the formidable defenses. The second telescope was arrayed in the Blacklake District, taking in the River and set of hovels and sheds arranged near the water’s edge. The final telescope was arrayed to look back across the Protectorate’s Compound and Castle Never.

No suspicious items were discovered, and a review of the records indicated that the last sales of were to Lord Neverember and Mordai Vell.

Upon leaving the abode of Tallcripper, the Lash proceeded on Belyn’s advice to the Temple of Selune. Within the Temple, the Lash met with Lady Jasmine who revealed to the Lash that she was seeking three fallen artifacts. Your recollection of her thoughts is as follows:

“Last night,” she says, “three shooting stars fell into the city. I believe these were neither portents nor mere celestialbodies, but true tears of Selûne come to earth in solid form. I need you to recover these shards and deliver them safely to me. Those of us who revere Selûne believe that she is sending us a message—possibly a warning. With your help, we shall learn the truth.”

After some discussion, the Lash believes that Tallcripper may have witnessed the falling of the Tears of Selune and the telescopes marked the approximate location of the tears. Committing to the Lady Jasmine they would discover the location of the Tears and possibly recover them, the Lash left the Temple of Selune.

Entering the streets in the Protectorate’s Compound, the Lash was caught in the riot of the Sons of Alagondar. Chased through many alleys and back streets, the Lash eventually eluded combat and returned to the Moonstone Mask to update Vic on the events so far.

After discussing the situation, Vic recommended that the Lash attempt to recover the Tears of Selune and discover who was at work in attempting to recover them. Deciding to start with the Tear near the Wall, the Lash discussed several methods for reaching the area, including meeting with Lord Neverember or sneaking through the City Sewers. Ultimately the Lash decided to meet with Lord Neverember and left for the Hall of Justice.

Within the Hall of Justice, the Lash was warmly welcomed by Lord Neverember and his guess Mordai Vell. After some light discussion, Lord Neverember asked the Lash to complete a civic duty and stop the recent uptick in attacks along the wall. Stating he had no care for the relic they asked about, Lord Neverember provided four (4) healing potions and dispatched the party to the wall. Mordai Vell provided one (1) additional healing potion and asked the Lash to visit with him sometime in the Blacklake District.

Approaching the Wall, the Lash was warned of pit traps and other defenses in the area. Lowered to the area south of the Wall, comprised of shattered homes and barricades, the Lash began to probe forward. With a sudden shrieking cry, a pack of human marauders burst from the cover led by several gaunt ghast looking individuals and accompanied by small guard drakes.

Combat ensued…..




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