The Lash of Winter

Into the Blacklake - Case #009-A Part III

After the events at the Wall, the Lash of Winter recovered in the Moonstone Mask and discussed their next moves. After recovering the first shard of Tear, it was evident that the death of Horben Tallcripper was intimately linked to these religious artifacts crashing to New Neverwinter.
With his letter in hand, the Lash decided to adventure out to the Blacklake District and talk to Mordai Vell about his offer of information. Arriving at his large estate, the Lash was shown in and waited patiently as Vell finished his business with a crusty Duergar. After being warmly received by Mordai Vell, the Lash toured the grounds of the Abyssal Garden and learned several things:

  • An incident occurred on the shores of Blacklake the night before Horben Tallcripper was killed
  • This incident involved a number of factions fighting over something that fell in the lake. Vell was unsure who ultimately won the conflict
  • Vell suggests the Lash talk to Eralt Gavin at the Beached Leviathan as he typically has a good source or two of information.

Eventually the discussion also turned to other things and the Lash of the Winter was educated about the Shadow and its connection to New Neverwinter. Knowledge was gained including:

  • The Shadow is a parallel plane to Faerun and contains many of the same landmarks, reflected in a shadowy and twisted way
  • The Shadow can be entered through any shadow or shaded area, although some areas are weaker than others and entry is gained faster
  • It’s a physical connection, a person travels to the Plane of Shadow or vice versa. It can be a discrete way to move about the world, allowing access to areas without being watched directly.

During the conversation, Belyn explored the grounds of the Abyssal Garden, but was watched carefully by the butler for Mordai Vell, a small dwarven female that was extremely unfriendly. Deciding that nothing further could be learned, the Lash of Winter departed for the Beached Leviathan.
After locating Eralt Gavin at the Beached Leviathan, the Lash learned that the streets of the Blacklake District have been unsafe for some time. A strange affliction has occurred with people sleepwalking in the street and not remembering their activities. These afflictions began well before the meteor shower connected with the Tears of Selune.
Also learned was that the fight at the Blacklake involved several factions, including a Halfling thieving gang ran by a “Palas”. Undead, along with Sons of Alogondar were also mentioned as being in the fight, but no one was sure who was victorious. Eralt recommended that the Lash try the Flooded Docks, he had heard rumors that Palas’s crew had squatted amongst the ruins.
After leaving the Beached Leviathan, the Lash discovered that they were being scryed upon and varied their route in an attempt to escape detection. Taking a back alley, the Lash stumbled into a pack of Nashers who immediately challenged them. With little warning, combat broke out amongst the back streets of the Blacklake District.




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