The Lash of Winter

At the Wall - Case 009A - Part II

As the creatures burst forth from the rubble, a number of observers careful scryed the area in and around the Wall to watch the exploits of the Lash. Clearly inexperienced working together, the Lash fumbled for their tactical footing and started to sustain damage. Slowly, the group merged their skills, Belyn directing fire and attacks and the timely arrival of Jon added additional support from the Wall.

Still the onslaught of human and spellplauged monstrosities bore their weight on the Lash. Suddenly, the right flank of the Lash folded, causing consternation amongst the scryers, and the men on the Wall. Ignus and Bjorkus were hard pressed on the right flank, under assault from waves of men and two spellplague Grells. Wounded in multiple locations and bleeding badly, Bjorkus rose once again but was mortally wounded by a Grell to the throat. As the fighting moved beyond him, Bjorkus’s vision faded to black, his dreams of conquest in New Neverwinter over.

Alek and Belyn noticing the failed flank, began retreating towards the Wall. Jon’s fire and Belyn’s assistance kept Alek on his feet. After a few moments, the battlefield cleared and the Lash stood victorious. Individiually from across New Neverwinter, scryers blinked out, satisfied with the progress or the spectacle, depending on their whims.

Rooting through the rubble, Belyn spied a shining crystal. Roughly 10" long and fist sized in diameter, the aptly named Tear of Selune was warm to the touch and glowed with a soft white light. Quickly bundling it within his pack, Belyn, Alek, Jon and Ignus slowed climbed from the rubble and began the walk back to the Moonstone Mask.

Little commotion greated the Lash upon return to the Moonstone Mask. Either word had procceded them or the Mintarn mercenaries had seen their fare share of bloodied adventurers. As they arrived on the upper floors, Alek checked the Lash mailbox and found two notes of interest.

Case # 009-A
Lash Members

My condolences on the loss of one of your cohorts. The work of the Winter's Blaze is challenging and fearfully dangerous. Take comfort in the knowledge that your brethen died in a cause worthy of the work of the Blaze.
In practical matters, we have arranged for a transfer of an intitiate to fill the shoes of your lost brethen. We trust his skills will match to your needs.


Esteemed Members of the Lash of Winter

I have enjoyed our first visit and wish to learn more of this wonderful ensemble you have created. Truly New Neverwinter enters interesting days with the Lash of Winter prowling the streets in the name of justice, and coin!

Please pay me a visit at your first opportunity, I have come across information you may find valuable and of a particular nature to your cause.

Till we meet soon, hail the mighty Lash of Winter.

Mordai Vell

Retiring to your quarters, the night passes peacefully. Exhausted by your exertions at the Wall, each of you are thankful for the long sleep and relative calm of the Moonstone Mask. Arising in the morning, you find yourself with fresh meals waiting and a note that the eastern conference room has been reserved for your use. Gathering your items, you start the day anew.




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