The Lash of Winter

The Bigger They Are - Case #009A Part IV

After a combat in the street with the Nashers, the Lash of Winter was bloodied and torn, with several of the cast having suffered severe injuries. Utilizing the remaining healing, the Lash decided to separate into two groups, with Ignis, Alek and Kildrak continuing onwards in the hunt for the Halfling Palus. John and Belyn would head back to the Moonstone Mask and report on the scrying and encounters.

After stumbling back the street towards the Protectorate’s Compound, John and Belyn were caught up in a riot of Nashers who thankfully did not recognize the pair. Using the riot as cover, John and Belyn worked their way through the crowd, but were seperated and pushed apart. After searching for nearly an hour, John decided to rejoin the Lash investigating the Halfling Gang, hoping the Belyn could work things out for himself.

Meanwhile at the old city docks, Ingis, Alek and Kildrak were sizing up the situation of the Halfling Gang. Spying them in the midst of discussions and negotiations, moderated by an invisible entity, the Lash decided to attempt to infiltrate the proceedings.

Gentling lowering himself onto one of the wooden pilings, Ingis unfortunately slipped and plumetted 30’ down into the waters of the river. While unharmed, Ignis had inadvertently tipped the entire crew to their presensce and a swirling melee with all parties ensued with Nashers, Halflings and the Lash battling on the rooftops and rope bridges of flooded buildings.

After a strenuous combat, the Lash prevailed, and thanks to some late arriving bow work from John, managed to drive off the rivals and procure the second Shard of Selune.


Into the Blacklake - Case #009-A Part III

After the events at the Wall, the Lash of Winter recovered in the Moonstone Mask and discussed their next moves. After recovering the first shard of Tear, it was evident that the death of Horben Tallcripper was intimately linked to these religious artifacts crashing to New Neverwinter.
With his letter in hand, the Lash decided to adventure out to the Blacklake District and talk to Mordai Vell about his offer of information. Arriving at his large estate, the Lash was shown in and waited patiently as Vell finished his business with a crusty Duergar. After being warmly received by Mordai Vell, the Lash toured the grounds of the Abyssal Garden and learned several things:

  • An incident occurred on the shores of Blacklake the night before Horben Tallcripper was killed
  • This incident involved a number of factions fighting over something that fell in the lake. Vell was unsure who ultimately won the conflict
  • Vell suggests the Lash talk to Eralt Gavin at the Beached Leviathan as he typically has a good source or two of information.

Eventually the discussion also turned to other things and the Lash of the Winter was educated about the Shadow and its connection to New Neverwinter. Knowledge was gained including:

  • The Shadow is a parallel plane to Faerun and contains many of the same landmarks, reflected in a shadowy and twisted way
  • The Shadow can be entered through any shadow or shaded area, although some areas are weaker than others and entry is gained faster
  • It’s a physical connection, a person travels to the Plane of Shadow or vice versa. It can be a discrete way to move about the world, allowing access to areas without being watched directly.

During the conversation, Belyn explored the grounds of the Abyssal Garden, but was watched carefully by the butler for Mordai Vell, a small dwarven female that was extremely unfriendly. Deciding that nothing further could be learned, the Lash of Winter departed for the Beached Leviathan.
After locating Eralt Gavin at the Beached Leviathan, the Lash learned that the streets of the Blacklake District have been unsafe for some time. A strange affliction has occurred with people sleepwalking in the street and not remembering their activities. These afflictions began well before the meteor shower connected with the Tears of Selune.
Also learned was that the fight at the Blacklake involved several factions, including a Halfling thieving gang ran by a “Palas”. Undead, along with Sons of Alogondar were also mentioned as being in the fight, but no one was sure who was victorious. Eralt recommended that the Lash try the Flooded Docks, he had heard rumors that Palas’s crew had squatted amongst the ruins.
After leaving the Beached Leviathan, the Lash discovered that they were being scryed upon and varied their route in an attempt to escape detection. Taking a back alley, the Lash stumbled into a pack of Nashers who immediately challenged them. With little warning, combat broke out amongst the back streets of the Blacklake District.


At the Wall - Case 009A - Part II

As the creatures burst forth from the rubble, a number of observers careful scryed the area in and around the Wall to watch the exploits of the Lash. Clearly inexperienced working together, the Lash fumbled for their tactical footing and started to sustain damage. Slowly, the group merged their skills, Belyn directing fire and attacks and the timely arrival of Jon added additional support from the Wall.

Still the onslaught of human and spellplauged monstrosities bore their weight on the Lash. Suddenly, the right flank of the Lash folded, causing consternation amongst the scryers, and the men on the Wall. Ignus and Bjorkus were hard pressed on the right flank, under assault from waves of men and two spellplague Grells. Wounded in multiple locations and bleeding badly, Bjorkus rose once again but was mortally wounded by a Grell to the throat. As the fighting moved beyond him, Bjorkus’s vision faded to black, his dreams of conquest in New Neverwinter over.

Alek and Belyn noticing the failed flank, began retreating towards the Wall. Jon’s fire and Belyn’s assistance kept Alek on his feet. After a few moments, the battlefield cleared and the Lash stood victorious. Individiually from across New Neverwinter, scryers blinked out, satisfied with the progress or the spectacle, depending on their whims.

Rooting through the rubble, Belyn spied a shining crystal. Roughly 10" long and fist sized in diameter, the aptly named Tear of Selune was warm to the touch and glowed with a soft white light. Quickly bundling it within his pack, Belyn, Alek, Jon and Ignus slowed climbed from the rubble and began the walk back to the Moonstone Mask.

Little commotion greated the Lash upon return to the Moonstone Mask. Either word had procceded them or the Mintarn mercenaries had seen their fare share of bloodied adventurers. As they arrived on the upper floors, Alek checked the Lash mailbox and found two notes of interest.

Case # 009-A
Lash Members

My condolences on the loss of one of your cohorts. The work of the Winter's Blaze is challenging and fearfully dangerous. Take comfort in the knowledge that your brethen died in a cause worthy of the work of the Blaze.
In practical matters, we have arranged for a transfer of an intitiate to fill the shoes of your lost brethen. We trust his skills will match to your needs.


Esteemed Members of the Lash of Winter

I have enjoyed our first visit and wish to learn more of this wonderful ensemble you have created. Truly New Neverwinter enters interesting days with the Lash of Winter prowling the streets in the name of justice, and coin!

Please pay me a visit at your first opportunity, I have come across information you may find valuable and of a particular nature to your cause.

Till we meet soon, hail the mighty Lash of Winter.

Mordai Vell

Retiring to your quarters, the night passes peacefully. Exhausted by your exertions at the Wall, each of you are thankful for the long sleep and relative calm of the Moonstone Mask. Arising in the morning, you find yourself with fresh meals waiting and a note that the eastern conference room has been reserved for your use. Gathering your items, you start the day anew.


Into the City - Case 009A Part I

The Lash of Winter embarked upon their investigation of Case #009-A be visiting with Vic to understand their role, responsibilities, and powers. The three goals of the investigation were:

-Discover why Horben Tallcripper was Killed
-Discover who had Horben Tallcripper Killed
-Discover current location of Assailants

Equipped with their official identification and coats, the Lash set out to the Blacklake District to investigate the crime scene and the shop of Horben Tallcripper.

Upon approaching the shop of Tallcripper, Belyn discovered an older woman surveying the Lash and its movements. As the remainder of the Lash investigated the shop, Belyn approached the woman. After a short discourse, the woman identified herself as Lady Jasmine of the Temple of Selune. Sensing a noble purpose, Belyn agreed to visit the Temple of Selune upon completion of their investigation at the shop.

Within the shop, the remainder of the Lash uncovered a number of interesting clues. The first was three telescopes arranged on the roof of the shop that pointed at several locales around New Neverwinter. The first was arrayed on the “Wall” and the Lash witnessed combat between the defenders on the wall and a wave of spellplagued assaulting the formidable defenses. The second telescope was arrayed in the Blacklake District, taking in the River and set of hovels and sheds arranged near the water’s edge. The final telescope was arrayed to look back across the Protectorate’s Compound and Castle Never.

No suspicious items were discovered, and a review of the records indicated that the last sales of were to Lord Neverember and Mordai Vell.

Upon leaving the abode of Tallcripper, the Lash proceeded on Belyn’s advice to the Temple of Selune. Within the Temple, the Lash met with Lady Jasmine who revealed to the Lash that she was seeking three fallen artifacts. Your recollection of her thoughts is as follows:

“Last night,” she says, “three shooting stars fell into the city. I believe these were neither portents nor mere celestialbodies, but true tears of Selûne come to earth in solid form. I need you to recover these shards and deliver them safely to me. Those of us who revere Selûne believe that she is sending us a message—possibly a warning. With your help, we shall learn the truth.”

After some discussion, the Lash believes that Tallcripper may have witnessed the falling of the Tears of Selune and the telescopes marked the approximate location of the tears. Committing to the Lady Jasmine they would discover the location of the Tears and possibly recover them, the Lash left the Temple of Selune.

Entering the streets in the Protectorate’s Compound, the Lash was caught in the riot of the Sons of Alagondar. Chased through many alleys and back streets, the Lash eventually eluded combat and returned to the Moonstone Mask to update Vic on the events so far.

After discussing the situation, Vic recommended that the Lash attempt to recover the Tears of Selune and discover who was at work in attempting to recover them. Deciding to start with the Tear near the Wall, the Lash discussed several methods for reaching the area, including meeting with Lord Neverember or sneaking through the City Sewers. Ultimately the Lash decided to meet with Lord Neverember and left for the Hall of Justice.

Within the Hall of Justice, the Lash was warmly welcomed by Lord Neverember and his guess Mordai Vell. After some light discussion, Lord Neverember asked the Lash to complete a civic duty and stop the recent uptick in attacks along the wall. Stating he had no care for the relic they asked about, Lord Neverember provided four (4) healing potions and dispatched the party to the wall. Mordai Vell provided one (1) additional healing potion and asked the Lash to visit with him sometime in the Blacklake District.

Approaching the Wall, the Lash was warned of pit traps and other defenses in the area. Lowered to the area south of the Wall, comprised of shattered homes and barricades, the Lash began to probe forward. With a sudden shrieking cry, a pack of human marauders burst from the cover led by several gaunt ghast looking individuals and accompanied by small guard drakes.

Combat ensued…..


Night in the Moonstone Mask

Moonstone Mask – 3rd Floor, Midnight

Sitting behind his worn oaken desk, Davtiln Gentleharp stared out his window into the frosty night harbor of New Neverwinter. Floating a hundred feet over the water, the Moonstone Mask provided a warm respite, and remarkable view of the bay. Several floors above the noise and ribaldry of the Mintarn Enforcers in the common room, Davtiln had begun to review the reports of the day, but his mind had wandered from the task at hand.

Notes on current equipment and rations, statements of funds owed and earned, and Quith’s estimates of zombie activity in Neverdeath, held little attraction tonight. Davtiln was replaying the mid-morning’s exchange with Vicben Elros. A routine assignment for the newest cadre of the Winter’s Blaze should have engendered little second thought, but something in Vic’s attitude told Davtiln that something was amiss. Vic was polite, always damnably polite, but he accepted the task of training the Cadre of the Lash too easily. Granted, Vic’s down time from his injuries had probably made him eager to be back on the streets of New Neverwinter, but his eyes almost gleamed when he read the quick notes of the four newest members to Winter’s Blaze…

“Its nice to see some fresh faces in the Winter’s Blaze, Davtiln. You are rushing to judgement after the last crew’s unfortunate turn of events. Not everyone is corrupt from their first day in New Neverwinter.” Davtiln looked up from his notes and stared across at Vicben. “True Vic, but this lot is inexperienced. I think some time on the Wall would be beneficial before we take in the newest strays to New Neverwinter. I mean, did you see the look in the barbarian’s eyes when you told him they get room and board? I think he was eyeing Liset’s cat for dinner as we begain the discussions. I don’t need the City’s newest orphans.” Vic just shrugged and smiled at Davtiln. “Someday you’ll have to plan on things without resorting to the same five names on the roster. Not all of us are immortal.”

Maybe it was just a mirthful comment. Still, it bothered Davtiln. Vic hadn’t been the same since his encounter in the Waterclok Crypts. He seemed, darker. His light-hearted mood was as he had always been, harkening back to their adventuring days. But, sometimes our of the corner of your eye, it just seemed that Vic was, well darker.

Turning away from the window, Davtiln tried to read through the reports remaining for the night. Picking up a small scroll, Davtiln found himself reading the case that had been given to Vic and his Lash.

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